CBSW Refurbishment

At the core of this intimate refurbishment was person-centred design. The Leadership team placed the highest priority on people, customer service delivery and their hospitality towards team and community. Directly translated through to the redesign of their existing office in West Leederville, every person was considered, fitting in seamlessly with the MKDC model of service and design.

 This refurbishment brought together the team previously separated physically by base building and storage non-conducive to easy and incidental collaboration. By consolidating their storage, we were able to better utilise the space to create an agile and diverse workplace with a sustainable approach to reuse of existing furniture. The West wing was designed as a ‘Hub’ with shared supportive and collaborative setting to benefit the CBSW team and clients. 

“Flexibility was key to the approach with easily movable joinery pieces and sliding walls. The result; a dynamic and activated yet intimate workspace with service, flexibility, hospitality and individual wellbeing at the core.”