MercyCare Cannington

The Cannington location, being in early developmental stage, is an opportune time for MercyCare to reimagine themselves under one roof. Their emerging vision embodies values of love, hope and courage in a truly inclusive and community focused building.

In moving from pastoral care to a broader, more spiritually inclined care, the spirit of the land and its Aboriginal people will be acknowledged in this campus through carefully researched choice of materials and planning of sacred places that reveal the site’s history. The stories of MercyCare’s spiritual heritage must also remain as part of respecting its foundation in Catholicism.

Through acting in a client advocate role and designing from the inside out in the early stages MKDC assisted to accommodate new life-enhancing services, including a multi-service community hub, expansive intergenerational gardens and an adjacent urban stream. On the floors above will be an early learning centre and a 108-bed residential aged care facility.

This project is a joint venture with the wonderful team at MJA Studio. Credit to their team for the architectural renders below.