New Office Fitout for DPIRD (QWA)

Inspired by their function, the design for the DPIRD (QWA) new office fitout drew from the below statement to inform the palette and textures within the fitout. Intentionally biophilic with muted tones, the narrative is complementary to the brand identity without being applied literally, for the purpose of future proofing.

“The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is responsible for regulating and advancing agricultural and food industries, fisheries and regional development within the state.”

Colour also plays a critical role in defining the environment of their office fitout, calm and muted in focus spaces and brighter colours for more playful moments. Punchy and bold colours were selected to create vibrancy within the fitout due to industrial location of the operations.

Gold and green from the regional canola fields, blues representing the fisheries. The feature polished plaster wall features a dragged finish to reference the furrows in the land and the capillary waves of the waterways.